Warmbrodt Family Members


Cledo’s place of origin, birth date, parents and date of marriage are unknown. We do know that he married Barbli Winkelmann. Barbli was baptized on March 2, 1572 in Siselen. Barbli was the daughter of Jakob and Elsbeth Winkelmann.

Cledo had six children:

Jakob                                                 baptized: Siselen, Sept. 25, 1596.

Elsbeth                                              baptized: Siselen, Feb. 25, 1599.

Peter                                                  baptized: Siselen, Jan 24, 1601.

Bendicht                                            baptized: Siselen, May 7, 1603.

Hans                                                  baptized: Siselen, Dec. 22, 1607.

Rudolf                                               baptized: Siselen, Jan 26, 1612.

Here and below, bold italics will be used to indicate child who is in the direct male line to the Warmbrods who are the main subject of Part II of this book.

The information in this box and in the boxes that follow is available due to the research effort of Doris Warmbrod Free.




Baptized – January 26, 1601 in Siselen, son of Cledo Warmbrodt and Barbli Winkelmann.

Married – Margaret Niklaus on January 19, 1627.

Peter had four children:

Jakob                                                baptized: Siselen, May 30, 1628.

Barbara                                              baptized: Siselen, Mar. 7, 1636.

Peter                                                  baptized: Siselen, Mar. 5, 1643.

Margret                                              baptized: Siselen, Sept. 28, 1645.




Baptized – May 30, 1628 in Siselen, son of Peter Warmbrodt and Margaret Niklaus.

Jakob’s wife is unknown.

Jakob had two children:

Maria                                                 baptized: Siselen, Jan. 26, 1668.

Hans Jakob                                       baptized: Siselen, Apr. 17, 1670.




Baptized – Siselen, April 17, 1670, son of Jakob Warmbrodt.

Died – Apr. 21, 1738.

Married – Anna Batschelet at Siselen on Aug. 19, 1692.

Anna Batschelet – Baptized on Nov. 28, 1670. Anna died: Nov. 10, 1738.

Hans Jakob and Anna Baschlet had six children:

Jakob                                                 baptized: Siselen, Jan. 7, 1694.

Peter                                                  baptized: Siselen, Dec. 1, 1695.

Anna Maria                                        baptized: Siselen, July 28, 1700.

Bendicht                                            baptized: Siselen, May 28, 1702.
Anna                                                  baptized: Siselen, May 25, 1705.

Johannes                                            baptized: Siselen, Nov. 8, 1711.




Baptized – Siselen, May 28, 1702, son of Hans Jakob Warmbrodt and Anna Batschelet.

Died – Siselen, Oct. 18, 1758.

Married – Susanna Margaritha Baumann, of Finsterhennen.

Susanna – baptized on Jan. 15, 1708 in Siselen, daughter of Nicklaus and Elsbeth Gueder. Died on Feb. 15, 1776.

Bendicht and Susanna had nine children:

Elisabeth                                            baptized: Siselen, Mar. 14, 1728.

Bendicht                                            baptized: Siselen, Aug. 21, 1729.

Niklaus                                              baptized: Siselen, Feb. 15, 1733.
Hans Jakob                                       baptized: Siselen, Sept. 4, 1735.

Anna                                                  baptized: Siselen, Nov. 2, 1736.

Barbara                                              baptized: Siselen, Oct. 23, 1740.

Peter                                                  baptized: Siselen, March 3, 1743.

Hans                                                  baptized: Siselen, Feb. 21, 1745.

Elsbeth                                               baptized: Siselen, Nov. 12, 1747.




Baptized — Sept 4, 1735 in Siselen; son of Bendicht Warmbrodt and Susanna Margaritha Baumann.

Died – Dec 9, 1782.

Married – Barbara Waeber on July 9, 1762 in Siselen.

Barbara – Baptized Jan 22, 1741 in Siselen, daughter of Ulrich and Barbara
Winkelmann. Died Sept 27, 1794.

Hans Jakob and Barbara had eight children:

Niklaus                                              baptized in Siselen, July 24. 1763.

Bendicht                                            baptized in Siselen, Oct 7, 1764.

Jakob                                                 baptized in Siselen, March 2, 1766.

Catharina                                           baptized in Siselen, July 2, 1769.

Maria Elisabeth                                  baptized in Siselen, March 8, 1772.

Peter                                                  baptized in Siselen, May 23, 1773.

Peter Hans                                         baptized in Siselen, Sept 28, 1777.

Maria Margaritha                               baptized in Siselen, June 18, 1780.




Baptized – May 23, 1773 in Siselen, son of Jakob Warmbrodt and Barbara Waeber.

Died – March 13, 1837.

Married – Susanne von Gunten on March 7, 1795 in Biel.

Susanne – Born 1763, from Sigriswil. Died. Feb 8, 1832.

Peter is not in the direct line leading to John II and the Warmbrods discussed later in this book. Peter is included here because his daughter Barbara became the second wife of Hans Jakob (John I) who is in that line.

Peter and Suzanne had six children:

Anna Barbara                                     baptized in Siselen, July 19, 1795.

Elisabeth                                            baptized in Siselen, March 12, 1797.

Johannes                                            baptized in Siselen, April 21, 1799.

Maria                                                 baptized in Siselen, Aug 9, 1801.

Barbara                                              baptized in Siselen, Jan 13, 1805.

Catharina                                           baptized in Siselen, Feb 8, 1807.




Baptized – Sept 28, 1777 in Siselen, son of Jakob Warmbrodt and Barbara Waeber.

Married – Anna Struchen.

Anna – Born in 1775, from Taeuffelen.  Died Feb 27, 1807 in Siselen.

Peter Hans and Anna had one child:

Hans Jakob                                       baptized in Siselen, Oct 13, 1805.




Baptized – Oct. 13, 1805 in Siselen, son of Peter Hans Warmbrodt and Anna Struchen.

Died – February 8, 1880. Interment in Speeler Cemetery, Cessna Township, Hardin County, Ohio.

Married – Cecile Hofmann on the January 29, 1830 in Siselen.

Ceclie – Born Nov 21, 1806 and baptized on Dec 13, 1806 in La Chaux-de-Fonds, daughter of Johann Friedrich Hofmann and of Marianne, daughter of Abram-Henri Sandos. Cecile was from Moeringen. She died on March 2, 1839 in Siselen.

Married – Barbara Warmbrodt in October 1840 in Lyss.

Barbara – Baptized Jan 13, 1805, daughter of Peter Warmbrodt and Susanne von Gunten. Died October 25, 1880. Interment in Speeler Cemetery, Cessna Township, Hardin County, Ohio.

About the name: The name “John I” is used in this book to distinguish him from his son, Johannes — referred to here as “John II” — and from his grandson who is referred to here as “John III.” Hans Jakob appears to have also used the Anglicized form “Johann” since his name is written this way on the manifest of the ship Amelia which brought his family to America.

Note that John I’s mother died on Feb 27, 1807 before John reached age 2. Since he is not recorded as having any siblings, it seems likely that aunts and uncles would have played a role in raising him.

John I and Cecile had four children:

Elisabeth                                            baptized in Taeuffelen, Oct 7, 1827.
Johannes [John II]                            baptized in Taeuffelen, Nov 21, 1830.

Anna Maria                                        baptized in Siselen, Oct 27, 1833.

Jakob                                                 baptized in Siselen, May 29, 1836.

After the death of his first wife Ceclie, John I married his cousin, Barbara Warmbrodt. Hans Jakob and Barbara had three children:

Anna                                                  baptized in Siselen, March 1843.

Bendicht                                            baptized in Siselen, March 1845.

Fred                                                   born in 1847; no record of baptism.